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Modern Technology


The field of endodontics has changed dramatically in recent years.

Advances in technology now allow endodontists to do procedures more effectively, painless and with great precision. 


The doctors at RCT Endodontics use a surgical operating microscope. By magnifying the tooth as much as twenty times, this technology greatly enhances their ability to see down into the root canals, and helps them identify any additional canals and/or cracks in the tooth. Scientific research shows that the surgical operating microscope can significantly increase the success of root canal treatments and surgical procedures performed. In addition to the surgical operating microscope, our offices use digital x-ray technology, which releases up to 90% less radiation than old-fashioned radiographs, and produces high-quality images of your tooth.

Apprehensive patients also have the option of receiving conscious sedation for all treatments as well as Nitrous Oxide during all procedures. 

Most endodontic procedures are done in one appointment, using the most advanced techniques and the highest quality instruments and materials in order to serve you best. 


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